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Fall Fashion Faves 2018

Hey Fashionistas! I'm back with another "Fall Fashion Faves." If you've been with me for a while you might have read my first one, which I published in 2017. (Also I can't believe that it's almost 2019; where did the time go??) So in this post I'm going to be sharing five trends/companies/products that I've… Continue reading Fall Fashion Faves 2018


A Week in My Life: New York Fashion Week

Hey Fashionistas! Just the other week I was lucky enough to head to Manhattan for NYFW. It was crazy fun and the clothes were beautiful, so I thought that I'd do a week-in-my-life for you guys! Day 1 - Monday We arrived later in the day on Monday, so we didn't have all that much… Continue reading A Week in My Life: New York Fashion Week

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5 Money-Saving Hacks That Will Totally Change the Way You Shop

Hey Fashionistas! Things are expensive - especially nice clothes. So having your dream closet and some money left over for the necessities is hard. But there are some hacks that can help you (and me!) get a little closer to that illusive dream closet. 1. Figure out what you truly want - because, believe me,… Continue reading 5 Money-Saving Hacks That Will Totally Change the Way You Shop

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Thrift Shop Stories #2

Hey Fashionistas! I'm sooo excited to be doing another edition of Thrift Shop Stories; these posts are a blast to write. If you would like to read my first Stories post click here. This past week my family and I road-tripped to Breckenridge, Colorado. It was absolutely gorgeous there and the high elevation made it… Continue reading Thrift Shop Stories #2

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Summer Goals (Fashion Edition) + Blog Party

Hey Fashionistas! Since summer's here, and school's out, I thought I'd write a "summer goals" post. But to make it different, I'll do it "fashion edition." Hopefully this post will help me broaden my style as well as inspire you guys to get out of your comfort zones and create your own fashion goals lists.… Continue reading Summer Goals (Fashion Edition) + Blog Party

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Say Goodbye to Shy! Breaking Out of Your Fashion Shell

Hey Fashionistas! Sometimes it feels like I'm in a shell. A fashion shell. I have many of the same style shirts, and I don't stand out that often. I began to notice this recently and thought that maybe some of you would have this problem too. So I decided to write a post for you… Continue reading Say Goodbye to Shy! Breaking Out of Your Fashion Shell

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Shopping Secrets: Where, How and When

Hey Fashionistas! Each of us has a unique style; some people may enjoy mini skirts and dresses, while others prefer jeans and a jacket. It all depends on you. Right now, I'm currently trying to nail down my style, which has most definitely changed; the stores that I'm liking have also changed. I need to… Continue reading Shopping Secrets: Where, How and When

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Style Snippets: How to Stay Trendy When the Newest Trends Aren’t for You

Hey Fashionistas! The trends for spring are officially in full force - you see them in every collection and magazine - but what happens when you just don't like them or can't find any "trendy" pieces that are your style. (P.S. I wrote a post on how to find your style - you can check… Continue reading Style Snippets: How to Stay Trendy When the Newest Trends Aren’t for You


Spring Shoe Shout-Out!

Hey Fashionistas! Spring is here! It always brings bright, new trends that are exciting to see. Who's with me? Well, today I'll be sharing five spring shoes that'll give you that spring in your step while also keeping you stylish. Let's get started: Charlotte Russe Platforms - I'm in love with the way these look… Continue reading Spring Shoe Shout-Out!

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Style Stories

Hey Fashionistas! Something different today... I wake up; my head aches. I'm in a beautifully tiled kitchen. As I look around, I notice the peach-colored appliances – they all look old, like they're from the 30's. I'm confused. Where am I? As I'm taking everything in, I notice a woman entering the kitchen with a… Continue reading Style Stories